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ImpactoAZ is back!

After a lengthy hiatus, is back and ready to serve our readers with news and commentary on our large and growing Latinx communities throughout el Valle del Sol and the Grand Canyon state. It's our goal to report stories that will become essential reading f

or anyone seeking to stay informed and aware of the issues facing our communities in this post-Covid world. In particular, our editorial focus will spotlight education, political, cultural, and economic issues as well as climate and social justice topics.

We understand that the world is moving at an ultra fast-paced clip and our role will be as providers of facts, data and commentary in context, allowing you to weigh perspectives, facts, data and contextualize to your situation. Follow us as we share our reporting on complex, difficult issues and our community's creativity, resiliency, tenacity, pride and ability to thrive and survive in a society that sometimes doesn't appreciate our unique culture and customs.

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