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Children's Action Alliance names Lujan as new president and ceo

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

David Lujan, a key proponent in the passage of Prop. 208 to raise revenue for K-12 education, has been with the group since 2016

The Children’s Action Alliance, one of the state’s staunchest advocates for the well being of children, has named David Lujan as its president and chief executive officer.

In announcing the decision, the group’s board chairman cited Lujan’s leadership in developing a new three-year strategic plan and marshalling the organization through a new change theory based on equity.

Lujan joined the alliance in 2016 as the inaugural director of its Arizona Center for Economic Progress, which seeks policies to create tax codes that put human needs first. In 2019, Dana Wolfe Naimark stepped after 27 years with the alliance, including the last 13 as chief executive officer. She was succeeded by Siman Qaasim, who relinquished the role last year due to health reasons.

Before joining the Children’s Action Alliance (CAA), Lujan worked in public policy in Arizona for more than 20 years. His roles included serving as a former member of the state Senate and House of Representatives, as an attorney for a nonprofit assisting abused and neglected children, and as an assistant attorney general advising the School Facilities Board.

Most recently, Lujan was a vocal proponent and co-author of Proposition 208, a contentious ballot measure passed by voters last year. The proposition sought to raise more revenue for K-12 education by instituting a 3.5 percent income tax increase on individuals making more than $250,000 or couples clearing $500,000 a year.

Per the ballot proposition, the additional revenue will be used to increase teacher salaries, reduce class sizes, hire more aides and counselors and in other K-12 areas of need.

“With David’s leadership, we are confident CAA will continue to identify and eliminate barriers to the well-being of children and families and create opportunities through partnerships and policy solutions,” said CAA board chairman Brint Milward.

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