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Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's approval ratings dip among likely voters in a Democratic primary

An October polls shows her support among Latinx likely voters drops to 15 percent and 22 percent among likely white voters.

By Jonathan Higuera

A poll of nearly 500 likely Democratic primary voters in Arizona found high favorability ratings for Sen. Mark Kelly and slumping ratings for Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.

The poll, conducted via text Oct. 8-10 by Data for Progress, also found high favorability ratings for several potential candidates to face Sen. Sinema in 2024 as well as Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs and President Joseph Biden. The poll went to both Democratic and Independent potential voters.

Sen. Sinema has been in the national spotlight in recent weeks for refusing to support a $3.5 reconciliation bill in Congress that is sought by House Democrats and the Biden administration. She has called the total price tag too high but has been criticized for not publicly stating what should be trimmed from the bill.

Among Latinx likely voters, the poll found her numbers low, along with the ratings for Gov. Doug Ducey and former President Donald Trump. Meanwhile Kelly, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs and President Biden fared well among both Latinx and white voters.

Among potential Senate candidates, Rep. Ruben Gallego had the highest favorability ratings among both Latinx and white likely voters but he was still outpolled by those choosing the option of “Not Sure.” Sinema had the support of 15 percent of Latinx and 22 percent of white potential voters.

When asked if they approved of the job Sen. Sinema was doing, her favorability ratings dropped to 22 percent among Latinx likely voters and 27 percent among white likely voters. Sen. Kelly received 75 percent approvals from Latinx respondents and 87 percent from white respondents. President Biden had 86 percent approval from both Latinx and white respondents.

On specific issues, lowering the cost of prescription drugs and closing tax loopholes had the greatest support of likely Democratic voters in the poll. Increasing taxes on large and wealthy corporations and providing paid family and medical leave also had strong support.

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